I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up.

Felix Baumgartner of Austria completed his record breaking 24 mile skydive to claim the world records for highest manned balloon flight, highest skydive, and greatest speed achieved without vehicular power on Sunday.  He just missed the world record for the longest by opening his parachute at 4 minutes and 20 seconds, the world record was 16 seconds longer.

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner inside the Red Bull Stratos capsule, from which he performed his record-breaking free fall.

He reached a maximum velocity of 1,342 kilometers per hour (372.8 meters per second, or Mach 1.24) after falling for 42 seconds, becoming the first person to travel faster than sound without vehicular power.

(Ross D. Franklin/ Associated Press ) - Felix Baumgartner, right, of Austria, shares a laugh with Col. Joe Kittinger, USAF retired, after successfully jumping from a space capsule lifted by a helium balloon at a height of just over 128,000 feet above the Earth’s surface, beating Kittinger’s old record of 102,799 ft., Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, in Roswell, N.M.

The image above shows the former record holder, Joe Kittinger, with Baumgartner.  Kittinger was actually on the team as an adviser.

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