More From Software Bisque Weekend At GMARS.

I didn’t have time to process all the photos I took of this weekends events (lots of people around).  So here are some images of the event.

IMG_2167_copy IMG_2166_copy

Banners were made to announce the event on the side of the GMARS west house.  Lunch/dinner were held on the patio with plenty of seating for everyone.


A banner on the GMARS east house set the stage for one half of the days events.  I don’t approve of calling it the GU Center (GMARS University), but there are factions in the club that think it is hilarious.  They will be dealt with…just wait and see Mark (not to name anyone, that could be any Mark).

IMG_2176_copy IMG_2180_copy

Inside the east house the learning center was waiting for attendees to learn all about the Sky X from Richard Wright.



Over in the garage at the west house the hardware demonstration was being given by Steven and Sarah Bisque.  They showed off the new MYT mount along with their other two most recent mounts.


Outside, another (older) Paramount was being set up under Steve and Richard’s watchful eyes (along with a couple of ne’er do wells from the club..Hi Frank and Mark [possibly not related to the Mark mentioned above]).


Setup is complete and waiting for….


What is that telescope being moved into position…


Why it is the brand new Takahasi 130 that was just shown a few weeks ago at the Arizona show.

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