If Curiosity’s problem with its A-side computer due to high energy cosmic radiation weren’t bad enough, now the Sun is taking aim at the rover.

Curiosity Solar Blast

I mean really.  First there was the 8.5 month trip through the hazards of the solar system where micro-meteors and dust abound.  Then there was the 7 minutes of terror (or hell if you were on of the mission designers).  A few glitches in the beginning, and now this.  Can’t the Universe just get along?

Solar flares and coronal mass ejections have had an impact on other Mars missions.  In 2003, an intense solar flare knocked out the radiation detector on the Odyssey orbiter.  Which is kind of ironic when you think about it.

However, not to fear.  Curiosity is bracing for the bad space weather headed toward it while Opportunity, the little rover that could, and both space orbiters will continue normal operations.

Speaking of bad weather.  It is a new moon weekend for me.  I hope the weather clears up today so that I can get some good images of PANSTARRS early in the evening.  Hopefully, you will make time on the 12th to go out and look at the Moon/comet conjunction.  Take pictures with whatever you have and send me a copy.  I would love to see how it goes.

Maybe my fellow blogger over at Alien Shores will consider making this his photo challenge of the week!