Print Your Own Moon Base.

The European Space Agency (ESA) may try to build a new moon base using 3D printing.  “Printing” a building out of layers of lunar soil could be much easier and cheaper than bringing the whole structure from earth.  And there’s even a printer that can do the job, a device known as the D-Shape, produced by London-based company Monolite UK. It hasn’t used real lunar soil yet, but tests with similar mixtures have been successful.

3d printer

The proposed structure would take the form of a dome that could protect against space radiation and meteorites. The shell could be made of a hollow cellular structure, similar to foam.

moon base

However, it doesn’t look like the Moon Base Alpha that I am used to.  Anyone remember Space:1999?

All we need to do now is find that elusive water on the moon and we are all set.

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