RAS General Meeting Recap.

We started off the evening with our usual reports, but unfortunately, our Chief Observer had a work commitment and could not make the meeting.

2014-06-14 19.15.09

This months “What’s Up?” speaker was Cherly Wilcox and her talk was about atmospheric optics.  What is atmospheric optics you ask (like I did), it is all the nifty things that you can see in the sky from clouds, to rainbows and other phenomenon that you sometimes see if you look up.

2014-06-14 19.19.50

I didn’t know that the dark area between two rainbows was called Alexander’s band, which was named after Alexander of Aphrodisias who first described it in 200 AD.

2014-06-14 19.21.18

Moonbows are always a good time.  Moonbows are formed just like rainbows, only with moonlight.

2014-06-14 19.14.15

Crepuscular rays (also known as God rays) in atmospheric optics, are rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from the point in the sky where the sun is located. I didn’t know what they were called, but I do now.  I have taken lots of pictures just thinking that they looked nice.

2014-06-14 19.15.20

Anticrepuscular rays are similar to crepuscular rays, but seen opposite the sun in the sky. Now I will have to be on the lookout for them.

2014-06-14 19.16.57

The green flash is always something to look for at sunset.  I have only seen it once, and I have never gotten a photograph of it.  I will just have to try harder.

Chris Butler

This month’s main speaker was Chris Butler. He is a science artist, lecturer & media producer.  His talk, “Our Little Corner of the Galaxy — The Realm of the Super-terrestrials,” was facinating in that he produced a 45 minute animated video that he voiced over.  It will be available on his website.

Chris is an internationally renowned artist, public speaker, and educational program producer whose work focuses on science, nature, and maritime subjects. His illustrations have appeared in thousands of publications worldwide, from the Times of London to Scientific American. A graduate of California State University Fullerton’s school of Television and Film Production, Chris has served as a art director and animator on both educational and entertainment programs. Among his screen credits are the National Geographic IMAX film “Forces of Nature” (2003) and Griffith Observatory’s “Centered in the Universe,” (2006). Chris has produced and presented live science educational programming since 1985 which has been featured at hundreds of events.”

His talk will prompt some of this weeks posts as it raised a lot of questions for me, so as I explore them, I will tell you about what I find out.  This is just one of the benefits of attending your local astronomical club’s meetings.  You never know what you will learn.

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