Curiosity Reaches The Mountain.

After two years and about 5 1/2 miles (9km), curiosity has reached the base of Mount Sharp.  This has to be the slowest road trip ever.  But considering all the scientists stopping the rover and saying “Look over there!”, “Do science here!”, “Drill Baby Drill!”…well maybe not the last one. (It’s a joke people, I don’t want any comments!)

'Mount Sharp' on Mars compared to three big mountains on earth

Anyway, with only 3.4 miles to the top, Curiosity still has a long way to go.


Actually, the numbers aren’t that bad for Curiosity.  Spirit only went 4.8 miles while it was still actively roving, and  Opportunity has only gone about 25 miles in 11 years.  Curiosity is a dragster in comparison.

Curiosity is going to be at the base of Mt. Sharp for a while because of the interesting geological strata that is there.  It makes finding about the Martian geological history a lot easier than drilling into the rock.  Samples will still be taken and analyzed, but Curiosity is in it for the long haul.

– Ex astris, scientia –

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