A New Launch Vehicle Slated For 2018.

NASA’s new deep space rocket is supposed to be space-worthy and ready to fly in 2018.

Illustration of Space Launch System Launching

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket could happen as early as December 2017, but for safety reasons, NASA is pushing back the official date to 2018.

At 130 tons of payload, the SLS is the largest rocket to be made, finally out doing the venerable Saturn V that took us to the Moon.

This graphic gives you a better understand of how much is going into this on rocket.  Nothing like throwing Big Ben into space.

The real purpose of course it to get farther into space.  NASA has abandoned most of the near Earth orbit duties to private companies, like SpaceX and Dragon.  This frees up budgetary resources for deep space missions.  Along with this type of launch vehicle, new propulsion systems may make a Mars landing possible in the not too distant future.


– Ex astris, scientia –

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