A Tip of the Hat to Battlespace and The Science Fiction Show on This Veterans Day 2013

I wrote about this last year, and very much enjoyed the book. If you haven’t purchased it, please do. Some of the proceeds go to help our veterans.

J. C. Conway

thumbnail_imageIt is Veteran’s Day in the United States–a good day to feature the charitable anthology published last year by The Science Fiction Show: Battlespace–Military Science Fiction Anthology.

The anthology is a collection of science fiction short stories and flash fiction pieces from authors around the globe. Volume 1 has a focus on the military, past, present and future. Conceived and produced by Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael J. Wistock of the Science Fiction Show, Battlespace serves to raise money for wounded soldiers via the Warrior Cry Music Project.

Battlespace has drawn unparalleled praise for its quality and purpose. Authors contributing to the anthology largely donated back to the cause everything they bspace_sgt_majearned on the book’s publication. Many of the well-published contributing authors are veterans or have close ties to one aspect of the military or another, and the authenticity of the stories shine through. The reviews and…

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One thought on “A Tip of the Hat to Battlespace and The Science Fiction Show on This Veterans Day 2013

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