Birthday Photo Tour: Day 2.

Day 2 of my photo adventure started at the bottom of the canyon at San Jacinto State Park.


Looking up from the boarding platform.  The tram is a spec at the top.

IMG_0225 IMG_0228

The visitor center looking outside at the boarding platform.  The tram arriving from inside the center.


The tram arriving.


The visitor center after we leave the platform.  Unlike the old trams, shown on the main page, the new trams rotate while you travel up to the top.  So you can’t go up if you get motion sickness or acrophobia.

IMG_0242 IMG_0244

The first tower on the way up.  The platform on top is for helicopters to land for maintenance.  It is 16×16 ft square.  You REALLY want to land carefully.

IMG_0249 IMG_0250

On the way to tower #2.  It also has a wind sock.  Fortunately, no wind today!  Last time I rode the tram we got stopped between towers #1 and #2 because of wind gusts.  Not my most favorite journey, but at least I got back on.

IMG_0255 IMG_0257

Coming up on tower #3.  The distance between the second and third towers is dramatic.  I believe that it is the largest span.  The interesting feeling you get as you pass by the towers is similar to the top of a roller coaster…only in slow motion.  Plus the fact that the tram swings back and forth with 30 or so people hanging precariously above the ground makes for an interesting ride.

IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0265

The Cochella Valley from the opposite side from yesterday’s image taken at Key’s View in Joshua Tree.

IMG_0266 IMG_0270

It is now a looooong way down, but still no wind! Yeah!!!!

IMG_0272 IMG_0274

Approaching the top.


I think they could have replaced the elevation sign with OMG! Are you high!


The view from inside the Peak’s restaurant atop the mountain where I had lunch.

IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0289

Various views from the observation deck that goes around the restaurant.

IMG_0295 IMG_0297

The path down from the station.

IMG_0299 IMG_0301 IMG_0304 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0311

Just a bunch of images from Long Valley at the bottom of the trail.

IMG_0322 IMG_0323

The Jeffery Pine…smells like vanilla!  Really.

IMG_0326 IMG_0327

Along the trail there are places to see the valley.

IMG_0330 IMG_0333

Braver people than I going up the trail…I looked at it and decided that 8,000ft hiking was not for me.

IMG_0335 IMG_0345

So back along the trail to the station to await the tram down.

IMG_0352 IMG_0353

The 68.32 ton counter-weight that balance the trams as they cross paths.  The holes were bored out to balance the system, hence the strange tonnage.

IMG_0355 IMG_0356

The tram down.  Starting the decent.  It seems a lot faster than going up, but in fact it is the same.

IMG_0362 IMG_0364 IMG_0367 IMG_0369

Going down!


The upward bound tram about to pass us.  I couldn’t get a better shot because of the infernal rotation of the platform.

IMG_0389 IMG_0391 IMG_0394 IMG_0397

Approaching the bottom.


The center coming down for a landing.

IMG_0404   IMG_0412

Johnson falls outside the center.


Just like yesterday…find the lizard!


The lizard is in the center by the square piece of bark.

– Ex astris, scientia –

I am and avid amateur astronomer and intellectual property attorney in Pasadena, California and I am a Rising Star as rated by Super Lawyers Magazine.  As a former Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy, I am a proud member of the Armed Service Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association working to aid all active duty and veterans in our communities. Connect with me on Google +


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