Opening Pandora’s Box With A Death Star.

Two of Saturn’s moons, Mimas and Pandora, were captured together by the Cassini spacecraft.

Pandora is one of the smaller “moons” around Saturn.  It is actually a oblong icy body, although not large enough to form a shpere, it is large enough to have at least two craters 19 miles (30 kilometers) in diameter.  Researchers believe that the elongated shape of Pandora (50 miles, or 81 kilometers across) may hold clues to how it and other moons near Saturn’s rings formed.

Mimas is 246 miles (396 kilometers) across with one very distinctive feature that makes it look like the death star of film legend. This prominent feature is most likely why  Mimas is rotated 28 degrees to the right.

The ongoing Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency and has been regaling us fantastic images and data about Saturn, it rings and moons.

– Ex astris, scientia –

I am and avid amateur astronomer and intellectual property attorney in Pasadena, California and I am a Rising Star as rated by Super Lawyers Magazine.  As a former Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy, I am a proud member of the Armed Service Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association working to aid all active duty and veterans in our communities. Connect with me on Google +


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