I hope to photograph both the Northern and Southern lights one day.

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How I photograph the aurora borealis

The Aurora is, let’s face it, just plain weird. It only occurs in the far north or south, and looks like someone hung enormous translucent green curtains in the upper atmosphere. They curl and wave back and forth in an astral breeze, split and rejoin in bands and waves and swirls. The phenomenon is caused my our sun. Our local star, when its feeling energetic, ejects flares and plumes of plasma in what are called “Coronal Mass Ejections” when one of these escapes the sun’s gravity and gets hurtled out in our direction, watch out, because the aurora on is on its way. Those charged particles race toward earth, as they draw close they are pulled to the north and south by our planet’s magnetic field. When they hit, they interact with gases in our upper atmosphere and burst to light. Sometimes it lasts hours, or even days, other times…

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