Lego Architecture on Display.

For those of you in Dearborn Michigan, the Henry Ford museum has an exhibit of the best Lego architecture on display. There are 14 famous buildings from around the world done entirely in Legos.


The replica of Detroit’s Ford Field above was built during the exhibit’s opening by designer Adam Reed Tucker.


This 17’6″ tall model of the Burj Khalifa, the current tallest building in the world at 2,325 ft. (2,684 ft. with the spire) located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has 450,300 Lego pieces and took 280 hours to design and 340 hours to build. A monumental effort unto itself.


The classic lines of the Empire State Building contains 102 stories and is 7’6″ tall and used 12,200 pieces to make, 100 hours to design and 150 hours to build.


The former World Trade Center building was 1,362 ft. tall and contained 110 stories. The model is 7′ 0″ tall and consists of 14,250 pieces, but only took 12 hours to design and 60 hours to build.


China’s Jin Mao Tower is a 1,381 ft. tall tower in Shanghai, the model is 8’0″ tall, contains 16,450 pieces, and took 120 hours to design and 200 hours to build.


The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco is 853 ft. tall comprising 48 stories. The model is one of the shortest in this exhibit, measuring only 4’0″ tall. It contains 4,800 pieces and took 20 hours to design and 40 hours to build.


St. Louis’s Gateway Arch is a popular American architectual wonder spanning 630 ft. from top to bottom, and 630 ft. from base to base this catenary curve astounds millions of visitors annually. The model stands a 3’0″ tall and contains 3,200 pieces. It look 60 hours to design and 40 hours to build.


This model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater housein Mill Run, Pennsylvania, is only 1’4″ tall, but it consists of 21,100 pieces. It took 170 hours to design and 130 hours to build.


The last six buildings make up a cross section of what could have been the Chicago Skyline. But the Chicago Spire and 7 South Dearborn buildings were never built. The models from left to right are:

  • Sears Tower, which is now known as Willis Tower: 9’6″, 5,850 pieces, 20 hours to design, 50 hours to build
  • Chicago Spire: 10’0″, 17,450 pieces, 150 hours to design, 200 hours to build
  • Marina City: 4’0″, 9,100 pieces, 60 hours to design, 120 hours to build (the identical pair of buildings)
  • Trump Tower Chicago: 8’0″, 11,100 pieces, 40 hours to design, 80 hours to build
  • 7 South Dearborn: 10’6″, 6,400 pieces, 50 hours to design, 30 hours to build
  • John Hancock Building: 9’0″, 9,850 pieces, 40 hours to design, 80 hours to build

Photos by Wally Bahny

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