Running Debian with xfce4 on A13-OLinuXino



Today I received a letter from customer from Greece which made my day. I printed it to picture to may insert in WordPress and you can read it by pressing the picture above.

It seems A13-OLinuXino opened new possibilities for kids to learn here on the Balkans in smaller mountain villages where the schools are on limited budgeds and can’t buy big expensive computers.

I completely agree that our WIKI and documentation is quite lot at the beginning and work in progress, but OLinuXino community is still small (we started A13 OLinuXino in May 2012 ) and we have no the resources of the other similar projects like the hundreds of thousands RPi owners or Texas Instruments resources backup for BB.

So please be patient with us 🙂 I’m assuring you we do our the best but our forces are limited and we run too many things together.

To install Debian…

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