Bake 40: Amazingly Autumnal Apple Cake

Love this recipe.

Sophie Pembroke

Apples, apples, apples I have a not very secret love for apples. Not, admittedly, in their raw, healthy form particularly. But I love applely things. Apple candles. Apple shower gel. Apple pie. Pork and apples. And Apple Cake.

I’d picked up some cooking apples after promising to bake the husband and daughter something yummy to keep them entertained while I was away last weekend – something I failed utterly to do in all the chaos of last week. But I made up for it on my return by making this, my newly minted Amazingly Autumnal Apple Cake with Maple Syrup Frosting.

And, since there turned out to be quite a lot of cake, in that way that sometimes happens when I’m not paying proper attention to recipes, many other people have also shared in this autumnal bounty.

A word of warning, though. It’s not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made. But it tastes…

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