Waiting for the Eclipse Pictures.

So I wasn’t able to attend this years eclipse event in Australia.  Not because I did not want to, but the timing was not the greatest.  Also, the weather potential was in doubt.  An early morning eclipse, rising out of the Pacific Ocean…it sounded spectacular.  Luckily for me, I lent my camera to a friend, Daniel Perry, who is an excellent photographer.  You can check out his images on his web site here.  Hopefully,  he will be sending back some images of the southern skies as well as some great eclipse photos.  Here’s a photo of Daniel at the annular eclipse in Nevada with his welder’s goggles (rated at 14 or higher!!) to look at the eclipse.


Everyone in the United States will have to opportunity to see a total or partial eclipse on August 17, 2017.  The map below shows the path of totality.

According to NASA, the eclipse will start at 6:24pm and end about 3 minutes later.  So make your plans now, that is if the world doesn’t end on December 21st, 2012 as predicted by…well a bunch of idiots that have been making money predicting the end of the world for so long now I can’t even begin to tell them all apart.  Sorry, I just sometimes wish people were more interested in helping each other than worrying about some non-event.

Please remember to NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT PROTECTION, you will damage your eyes.

– Ex astris, scientia –

I am and avid amateur astronomer and intellectual property attorney.  As a former Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy, I am a proud member of the Armed Service Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association working to aid all active duty and veterans in our communities.  Connect with me on Google +



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