I Need A Shower – Leo Style.

Not only is there a total eclipse of the sun this week, but it is time for the annual leonid meteor shower.  This year is a bit unusual in that the Leonid shower is expected to show two peaks of activity, one on Saturday morning (Nov. 17) and another on Tuesday morning (Nov. 20).

Normally, this meteor shower is one of the more spectacular sights.  But this year the peaks are expected to only produce 10 to 15 meteorites an hour.  Not bad, but last years display was up to 40 per hour.

The meteorites themselves are remnants of comet Tempel-Tuttle that hit the atmosphere as the Earth passes through the dust and debris left behind from the comets last journey through the inner solar system.  It is estimated that 12 or 13 tons of particles are deposited across the entire planet during the annual event.

The map below will show you where to look for the most meteors.  No special equipment is needed, but a nice soft pad to lay back on so that you can gaze upwards and watch the shower.


Bundle up and stay warm…bring something warm to drink and enjoy the show.

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