Just what I need – a science vacation!

I was wandering through some of my favorite blogs for ideas and I saw this advertisement for Science Getaways.  The getaway is located at the beautiful C Lazy U Guest Ranch in Granby, Colorado.

C Lazy U Ranch

Being a Colorado native, I know that Granby is located in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains (click on the link for a Google map of the location).  They are offering lectures and field trips with an astronomer, a geologist and a biologist, as well as stargazing, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, swimming.  The getaway starts September 16 and there are  only 70 spaces available.  So if you want a relaxing yet stimulating vacation, this looks like a good place to go.  I would probably sleep all day and stargaze all night.  The sky’s in Colorado are some of the darkest you will find.

If you are lucky you might get there as the Aspen trees are turning colorful like these:

Fall on Peak to Peak Highway

The featured image is copyrighted was taken by Keith G. Thompson, check out his other amazing photographs on his Flickr page.

If you have an idea that needs protection or a photo that needs copyright protection, or know someone that can use my help, please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation at nvantreeck@usip.com or call TOLL FREE at 1-855-UR IDEAS (1-855-874-3327) and ask for Norman.

– Ex astris, scientia –

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