Today is the Day.

At 10:31PDT today, the Mars Curiosity rover will hopefully land safely and begin its mission.  Good luck to everyone at NASA and JPL.  The last commands from mission control were sent today.  “We sent a command to the spacecraft to start its onboard program to execute the final approach, entry, descent and landing,” Vasavada told the Los Angeles Times in an interview late Friday. “We literally could do nothing more, and the spacecraft will land itself.”

An official shot of the Curiosity rover at JPL.

My photo taken during the annual JPL open house.

You can find out more about the mission here.  For some spectacular space viewing check out NASA’s eyes web site where you can view everything NASA and the world are doing in space, or visit our closest star.  It is a really phenomenal site.

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– Ex astris, scientia –

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