Build the Enterprise

I think this is a great concept.   Over at the  Build the Enterprise site they have imagined a way to construct an actual working version of the Enterprise.  Granted, it won’t travel at warp speed (which is theoretically possible) just yet, but it would move people around the solar system fairly quickly.

The specifications call for a gravity wheel inside the saucer section to maintain 1g of gravity and three 1.5GWe ion engines producing a 0.002g constant acceleration.  Both of these technologies are currently available.  The largest ion engine ready for production is 0.5GWe, so the 1.5GWe isn’t unreasonable.

With the size and mass of the proposed ship, it is estimated that a trip to Mars should only take 90 days with a full crew.

Although I like our current robotic missions to the planets, I would absolutely love to take a trip to Mars.

All of this is for a first generation space-ship using currently available technology.  I think someone needs to tell Mr. Branson of Virgin fame to build one of these instead of his SpaceX projects.

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– Ex astris, scientia –


P.S. It seems that someone has a head start!

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